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Lance Armstrong "Super Domestique" posted on 07/10/2009

After todays (Stage #7) there's no doubt in my mind that LA will be the Best SD of the Tour in the last 15 or 20 years. It was amazing seeing him satying close to the front and looking really good after more than 3 years without the Mountain stages at the Tour. There's also no doubt that Astana is the strongest team in the Tour history. I will predict that Astana will get  3 of the 3 podium positions in Paris. But AC will win by a significant margin. Any takers? There's no way LA will beat AC on 2009.

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Alberto will win 8 TDF! posted on 06/10/2009

Before you jump to make non-educated conclusions, read carefully and keep your feelings away.

When Lance won his first TDF he was 27 years old. Alberto won his first at 25.

Lance's team in 1999 was a group of outcasts, Alberto is part of the best cycling team in the circuit.

Lance's teammates were a great group of kids doing what they love, riding with no preassure. Alberto's teammates are an extremely talented group of stars. In any other team, they would be TDF contenders, and I would not be surprised if more than 2 of them make the podium.

Lance was a good climber, better Time trial rider. Alberto is a Great climber and getting better at the TT.

Just with that information I know, if he stays healthy he will we the winner of The TOUR until 2015.

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