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Garmin 705 posted on 06/05/2009

My family replaced my Garmin 305 with a 705. I was looking forward to its mapping ability and more reliable ANT+ telemetry. The Garmin fails on both as upgrades.

Mapping: The base map in the 705 is too coarse to be useful for cycling. It only includes major roads. Even at that, the fidelity on the roads is so coarse that I appear to be off the road most of the time. It looks like I keep missing the road and crossing it like a drunk who cannot pass a field sobriety test—I was going to say, like a novice who can't hold a line, but even a novice goes straighter than the 705.

By that fact that it only includes major roads, it has no ability to route on back roads. The map is useful for getting your bearings when you're lost, but the 305's ant trail map was only slightly less useful for that—it had no towns or labels. The map is useful to pointing you in the direction of your destination, but you still have to hunt for appropriate roads unless you like going on major roads. 

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